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Lisa often joked that she was a "fair weather" girl but shared that this was one of her favorite quotes. May we all live by her example.

Margaret Wynne


Mom and I joined over 100,000 supporters at the Denver Women's March in 2017. Two generations of women supporting women!

Allie Flynn


There are so many memories. One of best memories is when Lisa came to visit Colorado before they moved here. We went on one of my favorite hikes in Brainard Lake Rec Area. It was a beautiful day and we chatted away, catching up on our lives. We stopped to take pictures and Lisa being much more technically savvy snapped this selfie. She told me how much she appreciated the hike and our friendship. Words matter and Lisa innately knew this.

Beth Willman


We have always loved the outdoors. This is a picture of Lisa and me in August. I was so blessed to come to see her and to my surprise, discover she had a way of hugging safely. This was taken our last day together, when saying our goodbyes. Lisa has brought so much life, love and joy to me and my family. She will truly be missed.

Suzi Herman


Lisa & Teresa's birthday dinner at Benihana in August 2018. Their birthdays were 2 days apart.

Teresa Foster


Flynn Family Thanksgiving in November, 2007

Ben Hanson


Lisa was always up for an adventure, loved the great outdoors, and was a friend to the Earth. I have such fond memories of bonding over bees, eagles, nature walks, and woman talk. My life is blessed through her friendship.

Margaret Wynne


It was Allie's baby shower and Lisa walked into the house. Her happy self just lit up the room. It was a FUN party.

Beth Willman


Red Rocks with Lisa and Pam

Beth Willman

Group w Lexie.jpg

Lisa, Allie, Lexi and Miara at the Hanson Family Farm
September 2012

Ben Hanson


Lisa & Jacquey
Christmas 2007

Ben Hanson


Colts-Broncos Party at the Holiday Flynn

Beth Willman


I remember our Domus Pacis respite in December of 2019. We stayed in a beautiful home on Peak 8 in Breckenridge and skied as a family for the first time in several years. I will never forget watching mom zip down the mountain.

Allie Flynn


I went to Belize for fieldwork after my junior year of college. The rest of the family came to visit once the coursework was completed, and we stayed on Caye Caulker. I'll never forget sitting on a picnic table with mom, submersed in water, sipping on Belikin beers!

Allie Flynn


The Willman's and the Flynn's having lunch at Wolfie's Grill in Noblesville, where Kevin and Allie worked.

Beth Willman


Lisa and Rich at the Hanson Family Farm
September 2016

Ben Hanson


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